Guided Study

Integral Curriculum

Vocational Therapy

Interdisciplined works with teachers and learners of all ages and abilities to design and implement individualized courses of study. Learners averse to certain subjects, or understimulated by particular materials or settings will be given special consideration. To this end, we specialize in the integration of the (mathematical) sciences with the (historical) humanities; as an example, we support the acquisition of scientific mathematical concepts through the study of their historical contexts.

We offer advice and assistance for those navigating the labyrinth of formalized education, from K-12 through to postsecondary and graduate school. Services we offer include preparation for standardized tests, editing of professional writing, and counsel for healthy live/work arrangements. 

Learning takes many forms, from disciplined practice to free play, and occurs in diverse settings, including both schools and families. We offer assistance with curriculum design and with the planning and provision of group activities for parents and teachers, guided by our belief in the complementarity of technique and creativity, and aimed at the parsimonious organization of materials specific to each and every learning context.